A Few Favorites & A GIVEAWAY!

Happy Friday!  Going shopping this weekend?  Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas I’ve seen while perusing this holiday season.  The first set includes a handful of cute, well-made toys that’d suit any 3-5 year old.  The second is the newest Coal Train Railroad CD: SWINGS! I have listened time and again to the first album they made, and it’s wonderful!  Jazz music with lyrics kiddos will enjoy over and over….mom and dad love it, too!What’s better?  To kick off your weekend shopping, we’re giving away one copy of SWINGS!  All you have to do to enter is share this post on your facebook and then leave a comment below sharing with us who you’d gift your copy to if you win.  It can be for your own kiddos, a preggo best friend, a niece or nephew…anybody you think would love the tunes!  The winner will be announced Tuesday morning! *this giveaway has been closed

Have a listen here: On Our Swings by Coal Train Railroad

Happy shopping! *holly.

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  1. The Mom

    Granddaughter Eloise already grooves to the Coal Train Swings, so my gift would have to go….to granddaughter Camper! I would love to introduce her to this fun music! Merry Christmas!

  2. Kasey Bealer

    i got my son Woody’s picture taken at Zuka Baby with the green santa – i was checking out your other work (after i ordered the digital negatives of the adorable screaming child of mine!) — i LOVE your work. i wish i had found you when my son was born – i love the year in photos concept!

    i’d love to win the music- my son LOVES to dance now and my husband and i want to instill a rich culture of music early on so that he can appreciate all types! plus we have another baby on the way and it would be great to play this music to him/her!

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