Celebrating Earth Day in the Kitchen

earth day, spring vegetables, real food for babies, take flight blog
Happy Earth Day!  To celebrate, we’re enjoying a gorgeous mix of late spring and early summer vegetables that I picked up from the farmers market this past weekend.  How lovely are the colors of these beauties?  I prefer to eat them raw because they are wonderfully tasty, which means there are a plethora of salads to be made this week.   Little R eats all of the veggies pictured as well.  I’ve found the easiest way to prepare them for him is by steaming using our Beaba Babycook.  I don’t puree but simply chop them into small pieces because he prefers to pick up his food and feed himself (I just make sure they are soft and easily mash-able by his gums).
earth day, real food for babies, spring veggies, solids for baby, take flight blog

Are you celebrating earth day in your kitchen?  If so, share with us what yumminess you’ll be creating.

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