Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers
Hi all! How was the weekend? My little sister had her baby on Saturday…the most beautiful, dark haired, 6 lb 6oz of sweet precious baby-ness…my new niece, Avery! While I am sad to be so far away, I’m thankful for technology because it makes me feel like I’ve barely missed out. Except that I want to scoop her into my arms and cuddle her all day long. I’ll get to do just that in a little over a month when we officially head back to the states. Speaking of which, I can hardly believe our season abroad is coming to a close. I’m getting into ‘go’ mode with all the things I need to accomplish for our move back home: plane tickets, packing, shopping for a car, scheduling the movers to get our things to Houston (we already found a home that I’m really excited about!), switching from international cell phone plans, etc. etc. I feel like I have one foot in and one foot out, which is always a bit unsettling and makes it harder to enjoy the days we have left. So in an effort to fully appreciate this final month in Tel Aviv, you may hear from me less. We’ll never get this time again as a family, and I want to fully embrace it, spending less time behind the computer. I’ll continue our Colors of the Market series and there may always be a fun post if I have something I just can’t wait to share with you…like edible flowers, of course! I couldn’t let spring pass us by without this post. I’ve never thought to include flowers in a recipe but I’m determined try them out. And maybe even plant a few once we get into our new home. It’d be a great project to do with little ones over Easter break! Here are a few resources to get started if you’re interested in growing, cooking or eating edible flowers: 
Edible Flowers
Your Guide to Edible Flowers (the chart above + descriptions of each)
Edible Flowers: Grow it! Eat it!
Flowers Your Kids Can Pick and Eat
Edible Beauties
And the credits + recipes for the images at the top: 
popsicles / salad / cake / cookies

Have you ever cooked with or eaten edible flowers? Let us know your favorites that we should try! Enjoy the day. xo

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  1. Jyllian

    Beautiful post Holly! You and I are on the same wavelength with this. Congratulations on the arrival of your niece and I hope you enjoy every bit of your last month there with your family!


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