Friday Food for Thought

This week, I listened to Jamie Oliver’s Ted Talk and it was a lightning bolt moment for me. If you’ve visited my blog in the past, you know that I have a love for real, wholesome, nutrient-rich foods. It wasn’t always this way for me. I can remember as a little girl, I would negotiate with my older sister to eat my vegetables for me so I could finally get up from the dinner table. When she wouldn’t oblige, I would then attempt to hide them in my milk. Smart, right! Or so I thought…until a new rule was added to the dinner table – I had to finish all of my milk before I could get up. I guess I wasn’t as sly as I thought. I remained a picky eater throughout my childhood with a sweet tooth controlling a good portion of what I consumed. Despite my efforts, my parents did their part in attempting to instill healthy eating habits and continuing to offer whole, nutritious foods. Now as a mother, I get it. They knew what was good for me and wanted it for my sake — not their own. I’d like to think their efforts are finally paying off. After I found out I was pregnant a few years ago, I started to really think about how our food choices not only affected me and my husband but a tiny little human as well. I began to question why we ate what we ate, to think more intentionally about our choices and to seriously consider the future diet of our family. I quickly realized I had a lot to learn. And our fast food consumerist culture wasn’t going to make it easy. I started by looking at our food consumption as part of our overall lifestyle – how we choose to eat is a part of how we choose to live. A quick-fix-fad “diet” isn’t going to sustain our long term health or help us make wise decisions about how we feed our little ones. We need the knowledge to know what our bodies need and why, the access to foods that are real, and the ability to say yes to what is good for us and no to what may be more convenient. After listening to Jamie Oliver talk about this topic all the thoughts in my head truly came full circle.

With a clear path, I have a project I want to complete in 2015 that relates to colorful foods and helps to educate both parents and children on the benefits of bringing more color into the kitchen. At times I have thought this project may be silly or futile but I now know it has purpose: to do my small part in the bigger movement of educating children about food, inspiring families to cook again, and empower people to fight obesity. Mr Oliver, I’m in. You have me on board. The image above has a tiny preview of what I’ll be sharing in the weeks to come, and I’m really looking forward to it. Until then, I hope you will listen to his talk and perhaps it will strike a chord with you as it did me. Enjoy the weekend. xo…*holly

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