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Happy Friday! We’ve been in Nashville all week while Greg is back home studying away (he takes the bar in under two weeks…so close to being completely finished with law school)! I’ve taken advantage of a babysitter and spent as much time possible creating new ideas for Maison Everett Shop and working on our adoption paperwork. The paperwork is no joke, but I really don’t mind it at all. In some way, I feel like it reminds me that we are excepting. I may not be pregnant, but we may have a baby in the next 9 months. That’s crazy! So anything that helps get me into that mindset I gladly welcome…be it paperwork, or name books;) Anyway, what are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you and your crew are up to, I hope it’s a good one! 

Food for Thought to Explore over the Weekend: 
Incredible story of a Jewish man who fled Nazis and now helping Christians flee ISIS

writing assignment that could change your life

Are you a coffee drinker? Good news for you! 

12 Empowering Children’s Books
 for Little Girl’s Bookshelves

Can’t afford organic all the time? Consider focusing on the Dirty Dozen: here’s the list for 2015 

“Sprinkle a little nonsense into the work you do.”

Have a Toddler? Some insight into the tantrums they throw

On Planned Parenthood, Mother and Child, and Justice for All

And lastly, how gorgeous are the colors in those images above? They are so rich and full of life, so naturally they inspire me and I wanted to share. Credits:  top, leftright

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  1. Kim Lopez

    I greatly enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with Remy. Gosh, what a beautiful and full journey you all have had…looking forward to seeing all the future fun with the addition. Love to all.

    1. Holly Post author

      Sweet Kim, thank you for your note! Our journey has been/is full and chaotic and broken….and yet always beautiful because the Lord is good. I hope you are enjoying all that grandmother-hood entails. Love to you as well!

  2. kirsten

    One of loveliest parts of pregnancy is absolutely the anticipation and joyful expectation of life with the addition of a new baby. Planning sweet details like clothing and nursery and daydreaming about snuggling with a tiny bundle all day. It makes any physical difficulties or emotional struggles and fears seem worth it. I love that you’re finding ways to find meaning and joy while working to accomplish the hard work that adoption entails, knowing that you’re in the process of being prepared to become mama to a new little one!

    I don’t know if you’ve come across this author yet, but I recently read a Karyn Purvis book – The Connected Child – and love her approach on loving and caring for adopted children. We aren’t considering adoption at this point, but her point of view was really helpful to me in dealing with some parenting challenges and changing my perspective on what parenting can look like. I’d recommend checking her out!

    1. Holly Post author

      Kirsten, your comments are always so encouraging and uplifting! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I haven’t heard of that book yet but I will look it up today! Can’t wait to hear of the arrival of your newest little joy. Love to you.

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