If I lived in New York City…

…I’d be spending this first snowy weekend of the season here:

“A place of sweet whimsy, wonder and warmth, moomah is a creative playspace, a cozy cafe, a living classroom, a quiet hideaway, an art oasis, your neighborhood meeting spot. Your favorite place to be together, and a place for your child to simply be.” 

Since I don’t live in the city I’ll settle for a little getaway into the inspiring world of Moomah the Journal.  Care to join me?  Happy Sunday…..*holly. 

 quote & photographs via Moomah
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  1. Kerith

    I’ve seriously been recently wracking my brain to remember what this place was called. Thank you for this Holly!

  2. Jennie

    oh…..holly…..you are making me homesick for a snow day and new york!

  3. admin Post author

    let’s all meet there next go ’round 😉

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