Our Cloth Diaper System

I’ve had several friends email me lately asking about our cloth diaper experience.  It’s a topic I’m hesitant to share here because I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying cloth is better than disposable.  We cloth diaper because it works for us.  I didn’t lose sleep over the decision to cloth or not to cloth.  I knew I would be working from home the better part of Remy’s first year, and I had a husband on board with cleaning dirty diapers (he had never changed one so it didn’t make a difference to him anyhow).  I also knew it would save us money and that was probably the biggest motivation.  With that in mind, I researched all the different brands, read hundreds of reviews and finally decided on a system that was simple, economical and durable.  16 months in, I can say that our cloth diaper system is still going strong!  We have used Flip One-Size Diaper Covers since Remy was about 2 weeks old.  Here’s a closer look at our experience if you are considering cloth.

cloth diaper review, flip covers cloth diaper, flip diapersThanks to dear friends and family, I received all of the diaper covers and inserts as a gift leaving me with a few other items to purchase.  This is the full list of items that make up our set up:

– 8 flip covers with buttons (gender neutral colors to use for future babes)
– 16 organic trifold inserts
– 12 stay-dry inserts
– 12 newborn/small gdiaper cloth inserts (used when he was little and still use at night as an additional layer over one of the bigger inserts)
– Planet Wise Hanging Wet Bag
Diaper Sprayer (attaches to your toilet and is used to spray dirty diapers before putting in wet bag)
Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator
BabyGanics Hiney Helper Diaper Cream (they say not to use any creams but I’ve found this one works ok and doesn’t ruin the inserts; just use sparingly and only when necessary)
Ikea Hanging Dryer (hang diaper covers in bathroom)

The trials we ran up against:
– Cloth wipes: Greg wasn’t a fan and so I didn’t press the issue.  Like choosing to cloth or not to cloth, if it’s going to cause an argument just say no;)  I do have a dozen cloth wipes that I purchased and still use for various reasons.  We use the Target brand unscented disposable wipes.
– Leaking: There was a week or so when Remy was leaking through nearly every night.  Needless to say, I was quite frustrated!  I quickly realized that I simply needed to add more layers in for the night.  If you are running into this problem, I’d recommend trying to layer one organic insert with one stay-dry.  Or two stay-drys.  It may seem a bit bulky but it hasn’t been a problem for us at all.  And no more leaks!
– Wet bag smell: Do not wash your wet bag in hot water and do not dry on HIGH.  I didn’t read the tag and thought I could get away with washing the bag with our diapers. It slowly ruined the waterproof layer, which meant the smell started to leak through while in our bathroom.  Gross! It didn’t start doing this until I got ‘lazy’ with how I cleaned it.  So, I’ve purchased a new one recently and will follow the instructions this time.
– Dirty diapers:  Let’s be real.  We don’t love cleaning a dirty diaper.  At least with a disposable, you can wrap it up and be done with it as soon as baby’s bottom is clean.  It’s a different game with cloth.  You have to rinse the dirty diaper in the toilet.  Thankfully, it’s not old school cloth diaper cleaning. You simply hold it over the toilet and use the sprayer you’ve attached to clean it off.  Then you drop it into the wet bag for the washer to do the rest of the work.  This is as bad as it gets cloth diapering, and for us, it isn’t so terrible as to be a deal breaker.
– No clean covers: On the rare occasion that we had no clean covers, or we were waiting for them to dry, we had disposable back up.  You can easily add 1-2 more covers to your system and probably never run into this problem.  But I find it’s always a good idea to have a few disposable on hand anyway in case something happens and you just need something quick and, well, disposable.

All in all, it’s been an easy set up for us.  I think I bought maybe 3 or 4 small packs of disposable diapers in Remy’s first year.  And since we have our entire system set up, we’ll simply have to buy a few more covers & inserts if baby #2 comes along with R still in diapers. The savings alone have made it worth it for us.  Now that Remy is in MDO we have more of a hybrid system set up because he wears disposable there and cloth at home.  Even that change hasn’t made me rethink giving up on cloth.  And, I mean, they really are so very cute on his little bum…

cloth diapering, flip covers, flip cloth diapers, maison everett blogWhether you’re considering to cloth or not to cloth, here’s a great review on all the different disposable options out there so that you can feel good about what’s on your baby’s bum on way or the other.  Do you cloth diaper?  Share your experiences with us below.  xo, *holly.

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  1. Caroline Jones

    The Joneses are two years and two babes in with Bum Genius cloth diapers! I have had some gag moments with the toilet hose thing, though. Ha.

    1. Holly Post author

      Haha I’d be lying I said said I hadn’t had those moments myself! Thankfully few and FAR between. Bum Genius is the same company as Flip…they are wonderful!

  2. Laura Bonnoitt

    I just ordered my first round of cloth diapers! I can’t wait to get on the band wagon. I will definitely be referring to you for help when we are starting out 🙂

    1. Holly Post author

      Hooray! Can’t wait to hear how things go…keep me posted. Miss seeing y’all around.

  3. Ashley

    This post was super helpful. Starting the research for investing in cloth diapers for Lou – thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. Quick question -did you ever use any liners in Remys diapers? Was looking at the GroVia bioliners but seem to have mixed reviews. Would think a liner would help with the cleaning?

    1. Holly Post author

      Hey Ashley! Yes, we used the liners briefly. To be honest, I didn’t think they made enough difference to make them part of our routine. If you use them for every diaper change, they’ll go pretty quickly and then you’re out buying a new roll. Since cost played a major part of why we use cloth in the first place I just didn’t think it was worth it. All to say, I have a few friends who swear by liners and that it makes it easier for them. So I recommend buying a roll of them to try it out!

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