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maison everett blogHello, my dears!  I am really excited to share one of my favorite new products with you.  If you’ve been around here you know I love to support small businesses that are creating well made beautiful yet useful products.  Newlyweds, Robert and Cali Brutz, have recently started a new business coupling all of those qualities and more into a product that I am happy to welcome into my home: R. Brutz Woodcraft Boards.  I’ve asked them a few questions so that we may get to know them and the story behind their company a little better.  maisoneverettrbrutzwoodcraft5 Where did the inspiration come about for creating R.Brutz Woodcraft?

Robert lived in France for two years (Normandy for one, Paris for another). He is drawn to the rustic simplicity of the French aesthetic, but he also has an eye for modern design and the corresponding principles of geometry and of form following function. In fact, the R.Brutz Woodcraft logo is based off of an experimental sans serif font designed by Paul Renner that reduced the shapes of the letters to their utmost functional simplicity. Elements of both rusticity and modernism show up in his work in a really beautiful way.maisoneverettrbrutzwoodcraft2
What type of wood and technique does he us to create the boards?

Most everything Robert creates right now is made from oak and poplar, which are beautiful and readily-available woods.  That said, he is very interested in the concept of found materials, and he hopes to launch a new line of products using repurposes woods soon!  Everything he makes is made by hand using very simple hand tools.  He even planes his wood by hand, which is pretty unusual in the woodworking world.  This means that his products might have some slight flaws and variations that you might not find in the machine-made products, but we really think this is part of their appeal.  The fact that every board is handmade makes each one unique and imperfect in beautiful ways (in our opinion, we think it makes them a little bit more human:).maisoneverettrbrutzwoodcraft4 Are there any harsh chemicals or treatments used in the making process?

No – none whatsoever – all of the boards are finished with a gentle and food-safe mineral oil or linseed oil, and for the boards that have painted details, the paint we use is a food-safe milk paint (it actually comes in a powder form and has an expiration date! I love working with it!).maison everett, rbrutzwoodcraft, Is there any other tidbits you’d like to share with us?

We love the R. Brutz Woodcraft boards because we love what they stand for – gatherings, community, the rituals of preparing a nourishing meal for people you love. R. Brutz Woodcraft hopes to nurture people and community in the same way Robert nurtures his products. To this end, we have big plans to use R. Brutz Woodcraft not only to share our products, but to support our own community (for example, we style the boards using breads from local bakeries) and to share some parts of our lives (recipes, conversations, and more) that bring us more closely together with the people about whom we most care.
So much beauty – the story and concept, the boards, the work put into each and every one of them.  And luckily, I am able to share the beauty with one of YOU!  We are giving away one  board of choice to the winner of this giveaway.  It’s simple to enter: SHARE this post on facebook and PIN any of the photographs above including info about the giveaway (you can pin directly from this post!).  Then VISIT their site (here) and LET US KNOW in the comments of this post below which board you love. A winner will be chosen at random at midnight on February 6th and announced on Friday, February 7th.  Good luck!  {This giveaway is closed and the winner has been chosen.  Thank you!}

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  1. Caroline

    Lovely! I love them all- but if i have to pick- i’ll go with the baguette board!

  2. Jess Hunter

    Hmmm I love them all so much-it’s a toss up between the cutting board and the bread board.

  3. Liz

    Pinned and shared! I absolutely love the bread board. Fingers crossed!

  4. erica rhodes

    I love this product and the idea of support local artisans. My favorite is the bread board.

  5. Beth Mathews

    I’m in love with the bread board! The attention to detail with the painted lines is so beautiful. It would almost be too pretty to cut on! Pinned and shared. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Alison

    I love his work! Thanks for sharing!! I am having a tough time deciding but I think the cheese board is too unique not to love. The Indi board is pretty awesome too though.

  7. jessica sloane

    these boards are all so beautiful! thank you for sharing. i couldn’t decide if i like the cheese board or the baguette board more!

  8. Jessica Druxman

    Such talent coming from everyone I met (and their significant other’s) from Italy study abroad! Gorgeous boards from Cali’s husband and your blog/photos/calligraphy are beautiful too! Shared on fb and pinned. They’re all gorgeous, but I love that baguette board the best.

  9. Caroline

    all of the boards are gorgeous, but if I HAD to choose, I would totally choose the traditional cutting board. I am certain, that if I had this board, my brother would be uber jealous (seeing as he just bought a super expensive wooden block cutting board online) this board would have character and a story, not like his amazon.com purchase!!

  10. Alyssa Wallace

    I don’t have any (ANY) thick cutting boards…and would love to add theirs to my home! 🙂 That regular cutting board is my fav! Though…the baguette Board is a close second…so lovely.

  11. julie

    Beautiful craftsmanship! I particularly love the bread board.

  12. Sherri

    Pinned and shared! I would love the the Baguette Board.

    Great contest.

  13. Melissa Paul

    You know I love the bread board! So proud of y’all! 🙂 <3

  14. Kaitlyn

    These are beautiful boards! I love the cutting board and bread board… And the cheese board 😉

  15. Maggie Richards

    I LOVE them all but my top two favorites are the baguette board and the regular cutting board. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for hosting the giveaway Holly!

  16. Punam Roy

    Pinned and shared…love the cheese board.

  17. Perri Freel

    I love the bread board. Such beautiful craftsmanship.

  18. Meagan

    I’m already a convert – I just got my cutting board in the mail and can’t wait to collect them all. i want the bread board next.

  19. ashley

    ooohhh all these boards are so lovely! i’d start with the bread board as the first one in my collection!

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