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Friday Fun + Food for Thought

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve had a good week. A friend of mine sent this video to our friend crew earlier in the week, and we all loved it! What do you think? Which decade is your favorite? I want the jumper from the 70s to wear everyday!

What are you up to this weekend? We don’t have any crazy plans other than getting a few plants in the garden outside. I was completely inspired on a recent trip to New Orleans when I saw this gorgeous balcony overflowing with potted plants… 
Potted Plant Garden Inspiration on Maison Everett Blog
Honestly, I’ve been debating whether or not to begin a garden at our new home. I’m somewhat exhausted with starting a garden only to have to leave it a couple of years later. But then…that gorgeous balcony! And pots that are transportable. What a simple, yet brilliant idea. My plan is to start small and hopefully build a little potted garden full of herbs, flowers (edible + beautiful), and veggies as the seasons allow. Have you had any luck with potted gardens? Let me know!

Food for Thought to Explore over the Weekend: 
She grows it, he cooks it.

We hear so much about simple living these days. What are your thoughts on celebrating the art of clutter?

Healthy eating habits for kids + why they support better health

A Summer Cottage in Sweden that I love (& happen to know the owner who is equally as lovely). 

Vera Wang, on When to Walk Away

And lastly, I pin lots of gorgeous images and inspiration In The Garden. If you have a board for the garden as well, please share your link in the comments below! 

Enjoy the weekend, Holly

video credit: A Stitch in Time: Style Through the Years by Glam Editor at Mode

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Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers
Hi all! How was the weekend? My little sister had her baby on Saturday…the most beautiful, dark haired, 6 lb 6oz of sweet precious baby-ness…my new niece, Avery! While I am sad to be so far away, I’m thankful for technology because it makes me feel like I’ve barely missed out. Except that I want to scoop her into my arms and cuddle her all day long. I’ll get to do just that in a little over a month when we officially head back to the states. Speaking of which, I can hardly believe our season abroad is coming to a close. I’m getting into ‘go’ mode with all the things I need to accomplish for our move back home: plane tickets, packing, shopping for a car, scheduling the movers to get our things to Houston (we already found a home that I’m really excited about!), switching from international cell phone plans, etc. etc. I feel like I have one foot in and one foot out, which is always a bit unsettling and makes it harder to enjoy the days we have left. So in an effort to fully appreciate this final month in Tel Aviv, you may hear from me less. We’ll never get this time again as a family, and I want to fully embrace it, spending less time behind the computer. I’ll continue our Colors of the Market series and there may always be a fun post if I have something I just can’t wait to share with you…like edible flowers, of course! I couldn’t let spring pass us by without this post. I’ve never thought to include flowers in a recipe but I’m determined try them out. And maybe even plant a few once we get into our new home. It’d be a great project to do with little ones over Easter break! Here are a few resources to get started if you’re interested in growing, cooking or eating edible flowers: 
Edible Flowers
Your Guide to Edible Flowers (the chart above + descriptions of each)
Edible Flowers: Grow it! Eat it!
Flowers Your Kids Can Pick and Eat
Edible Beauties
And the credits + recipes for the images at the top: 
popsicles / salad / cake / cookies

Have you ever cooked with or eaten edible flowers? Let us know your favorites that we should try! Enjoy the day. xo

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Considering Backyard Chickens?

Backyard Chickens, Maison Everett Blog

I was delighted when Red Stick Moms Blog asked me to write a guest post on our experience with our backyard chickens.  I discussed initial points to consider if you’re interested in having your own hens, and I wanted to share them here with you if you’ve been following along on our adventure.  It’s quite bittersweet thinking back to when I was considering it myself.  We’ll soon find our girls a new home because of our upcoming move overseas.  Here’s a few things I’ve learned over the past year while we’ve had the chance to have them…
Backyard Chickens, Maison Everett Blog
The Coop:
 We converted an old dog pen (4′x12′) and a dog house inside of it to be our coop.  The actual coop is about 6 feet tall and the ‘hen house’ is raised off the ground inside of it.  This is where the girls roost at night.  There are smaller options available, including mobile tractor coops that you can move to different areas of your yard. Whatever route you take, it is so very important that you make sure it is completely built before you purchase the chickens.  You want your chicken adventure to be fun, and having to finish putting their home together once you already have chickens will be a headache.  Not to mention, you could lose your entire flock in one night if its not complete.  Predators are your worst enemy!
Backyard Chickens, Maison Everett Blog
The Breeds:  Who knew there were so many options of chicken breeds out there?!  And the breed determines more than I realized, such as the number of eggs you’ll get in a week and the colors and sizes of the eggs.  I’m a creative person so things like color of both the birds and their eggs matter to me.  After doing some research, I decided to get our chicks from a lady in Ethel, Louisiana.  I liked the idea of meeting the farmer and seeing the environment where our chicks came from.  We have a silver-laced wyandotte, blue-laced-red wyandotte, and a lavendar ameracauna bantam.  The wyandottes lay light brown and pink eggs, and the ameracauna lays little sea foam blue eggs.
katherineholly backyardchickens5 katherineholly backyardchickens2
To Free-Range or Not to Free-Range
: This somewhat depends on your coop and on your preference.  My girls free-range, which means I let them out of the coop in the morning, they range around the yard openly throughout the day, and they put themselves to roost at night.  I then go lock up the coop and repeat the process the next day.  Sadly, we lost our first hen just last week from a hawk while I was gone from the house.  We mourned her loss (she had just started laying eggs a few days earlier) but the fact remains that all my girls have been free-range for nearly 10 months and this was the first problem we’ve had.  I’m more cautious about it now, but I’m continuing to let them do so because that’s part of the reason we got them in the first place…to have fresh eggs from free-range yard chickens.)
katherineholly backyardchickens6
Predators: As mentioned above they can be a deadly problem.  At some point, you’ll lose a chicken, and it’ll be a very sad day.  The best way to prevent this is by making sure your coop is very well-secured.  Who knew that raccoons can figure out a lock that isn’t securely fastened?  I  have read horror stories about night predators taking out an entire flock. If you choose to free-range by day, be sure that you have a securely gated area for them where neighborhood dogs or other animals can’t get in easily.  Other things to keep an eye out for in our area are hawks and foxes.
Backyard Chickens, Maison Everett Blog
Fruits of Your Labor…Eggs!: There are several factors that determine when your hens will start laying eggs…the specific breed, the weather, the amount of sunlight in a day, their diet, etc.  Don’t set an expectation that you’ll have eggs right away.  It takes a few months.  I got our chicks in early June of last year, which put them at prime laying season just when the weather was getting cold.  This meant we had a winter with very few eggs (only one of my girls was laying before winter because she was a little older).  But they do indeed start to lay!  We now average 3 eggs a day, and it is the most rewarding prize after several months of care. The egg colors and the rich, deep gold yolks speak for themselves.  They are absolutely beautiful and so very delicious.  And Remy loves when we go out to collect the eggs each day (although I don’t let him carry them quite yet otherwise I don’t think they’d make it into the kitchen;)

Two great online resources to learn more about backyard chickens are www.backyardchickens.com and www.mypetchicken.com

PS:  You can read about our girls’ debut to the blog and our first dozen eggs.

What are your thoughts on having chickens of your own?  Have you considered it yet? 

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Baby Girl’s Nursery Inspiration

I’m excited to share a glimpse into sweet Nora Jane’s nursery with you today that was published on Style Me Pretty Living earlier this week. Her mama, Britney, owns her own business and works out of them home.  When they found out Nora was on the way, she decided to downsize her office to a small space in their bedroom.  And she did an incredible job recreating her old office into a nursery.
Maison Everett Blog, Baby Girl Nursery, Nursery Design Inspiration
Maison Everett Blog, Baby Girl Nursery, Nursery Design Inspiration
I’m honored that she included some of my lettering work to adorn these walls (the bunting over the crib and the framed name meaning).  Her husband sketched the daffodils.  The two art pieces are complimentary to the overall feel of her room. Maison Everett Blog, Baby Girl Nursery, Nursery Design Inspiration
The wire baskets hanging on the wall were thrift store finds – old bicycle baskets.  How clever!
Maison Everett Blog, Baby Girl Nursery, Nursery Design Inspiration Maison Everett Blog, Baby Girl Nursery, Nursery Design Inspiration
Britney’s grandmother generously made the window fixtures for the new room. Maison Everett Blog, Baby Girl Nursery, Nursery Design Inspiration
One thing I keep in mind when creating any space in my home is to create a space that has purpose, part of which is to make me feel more alive.  Sentimental touches and pieces with a story always help.  Do you know someone that can sew?  Or create a piece of wall art for you?  Inspiration doesn’t have to always mean a high expense.  The meaning and purpose behind the pieces is what defines quality in my opinion.  What do you think?  You can see more of Britney’s photographs here.

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R. Brutz Woodcraft Giveaway WINNER!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!  It means the world to me to see how much others appreciate intentional craftsmanship and thoughtfulness behind everyday products.  Be sure to spread the word about R.Brutz Woodcraft with friends you think will appreciate these gorgeous boards. I hope to share more products like these with y’all throughout this year.  Have a great weekend!  xo, *holly

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