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Summer’s End Sale + 30% Off Code

Maison Everett Shop, Sale, Summer Sale
We leave exactly a week from today to begin our big move overseas — crazy!  I’m having an end of the summer sale to clear out the current inventory before we move.  Once a certain size is gone it won’t be back for a couple of months so be sure to take advantage of the sale while you size is in stock.  Use the code SUMMER30 at checkout.  It’ll be available from now until Thursday night.  You can get to the shop by clicking the present in the menu above or clicking here.  Please pass along to your friends that may be interested!  xo, *holly.

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Enjoy the Weekend + A SALE!

Maison Everett Shop
Thank you to everyone who entered our first giveaway over on Instagram!  The winner has been announcent and the giveaway is closed…but don’t fret…you can snag a 20% off code good for this weekend!  Visit my instagram feed for details and then venture over to the shop to see all the sweetness that would make a perfect gift for a little love or lady love that you love.  Enjoy the weekend, sweet friends.

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Behind the Scenes Video (+ Giveaway!)

I’m so excited to share behind the scenes from design to final products for our new shop!  If you haven’t already, venture over to the shop to see all the sweetness.  And if you’re on instagram be sure to check out our first giveaway that’s happening this week!

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Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts, Maison Everett Blog, Maison Everett Shop
When I decided to expand my business from services to products, there was a greater purpose in the back of my mind.  When you reach a larger audience you have the ability to make a greater impact.  To share the story that is at the core of who you are and why you do what you do.  Many of you may not know that I’m a trained doula and childbirth educator.  I pursued both because I firmly believe that every woman in the world deserves to have the birth of her choice, and by educating myself on the matter I’m able to share what I’ve learned when given the opportunity.  I’ve had the honor (and truly it is the most humbling honor) to attend a few births helping women get through the labor of birthing a new life into this world.  And while it’s not in the cards for me to pursue that full time, I knew I still wanted to find a way to help.  It was around the same time I started thinking through the idea of an online shop that I found Every Mother Counts.  And I knew this was the organization that was going to be part of my new venture.  They are dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.  And they work worldwide, including here in the US.
A portion of all sales from my shop goes towards helping them achieve their mission.  As a business owner, I truly believe this is one of the best ways I can give back to a cause I feel so deeply about.  I encourage you to visit their site to learn all about the tangible ways in which they are working with women in various cultures, breaking down barriers and focusing on the common thread that binds every mother together.

PS: You can see my birth plan and read my birth story to learn more about my personal journey with birth.

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The Shop is Live!

Maison Everett Shop
Wow.  What a whirlwind the past three months have been.  So much has gone on for us from Greg finishing his 2nd year of law school, experiencing a loss for our growing family, making a huge decision for next year, potty training Remy (hooray!), and of course, moving forward with this dream of mine to create a small product line.  After many long days(&nights) of designing, sampling products, meeting with our collaborators, creating a new website… I’m so pleased to announce that our Maison Everett Shop is live!  We launched the site this week and have been humbled and amazed at the support its received in just a few days. Like any new start up, this is just the beginning.  I’ll be sharing part of the process along the way with you here.  And I’ll also be sharing how we’ll manage to keep the shop going while we are in ISRAEL next year!  It’s true.  We’re moving to Israel in 2 months but my husband was my biggest supporter in moving forward with the shop, and so here we are.  Venture over to check out all that we’ve got, including these super comfy tees for your little loves and yourself:
Maison Everett Shop
A huge THANK YOU to each of you who helped make the launch a success:
Britney Smith is the eye behind most of the images on the shop website.
Chuck from Grand Palace is the incredible screen printer of our tees.
Rich Shockley is the genius who keeps every tech issue in check for me.
All of our models are friends or friends of friends:)

Enjoy the day!  bisous…*holly.

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