Tel Aviv, You’ve Stolen our Hearts

Maison Everett Blog, Tel Aviv
We didn’t really know what to expect before getting to Tel Aviv.  We had seen photos of the apartment that we’d be living in, and I searched around on Pinterest trying to find any images that gave me an idea of what it would be like.  The fact that its on the Mediterranean coast left me with high hopes…but I really had no clue of the beauty that would unfold before us.  Our first full day in town, we took off walking without a map just heading up to the coast.  It takes about 10 minutes to get to this spot from our apartment:
Maison Everett Blog, Tel Aviv
Like I mentioned in our last post, we only had a couple of days before Greg’s dad got to town and we took off again.  But after that trip, we had two weeks before Greg’s classes started to enjoy our city altogether as a family.  It was the perfect introduction to our time living here.  We explored neighborhoods, found our favorite bakery in town, bought bicycles, played on playgrounds, and went to the beach more mornings that I can count.
Maison Everett Blog, Tel Aviv Maison Everett Blog, Living Abroad in Tel AvivMaison Everett Blog, Tel Aviv Maison Everett Blog, Living Abroad in Tel AvivMaison Everett Blog, Tel AvivMaison Everett Blog, Living Abroad in Tel AvivMaison Everett Blog, Tel Aviv
One of our favorite things is how there are cafes on nearly every corner.  And the food is absolutely delicious.  It’s been hard for us not to want to stop and try them all out!  Once Greg started school it got a little easier since we aren’t out and about all day long;)
Maison Everett Blog, Tel AvivMaison Everett Blog, Tel Aviv
Once Greg’s classes started a routine quickly set in.  He takes a 30 minute bike ride along the coast everyday to get to Tel Aviv University.  We spend time altogether in the morning before he leaves, and then its just Remy and me for the rest of the day.  It’s been good for me to slow down and enjoy this time with him. We both agree that we couldn’t be in a better city for this season of him studying abroad.  It has surprised and delighted us in ways that we didn’t expect, and we’ve been really thankful for our time here so far.  We also agree that we didn’t realize how much we would miss our family and friends back home (we knew we’d miss y’all…just didn’t know it would be this much!).  Needless to say, Remy’s and my trip back home next week is coming at the perfect time:)  A few weeks with those we love and then back to this city that is stealing our hearts every day.

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