The Colors of the Market

"The Colors of the Market" by Maison Everett Blog
Happy Friday, everyone! Who has plans for the weekend? My sister and her husband are in town from Brooklyn, and we’ll be busy showing them all the things that Tel Aviv has to offer. I also wanted to share my new project with all of you! I mentioned last week that I’ve been working on something that aims to educate children about food and inspire families to cook again. I wanted to find a creative way to combine that passion with my lettering and photography, when the idea finally came to me! Without further delay, I introduce to you: “The Colors of the Market” – a fun, insightful way to encourage myself and others to introduce more color into our kitchens on a daily basis. Here’s how it works: throughout this year, I will present a new color that we see at the market, and then I will select various fruits, veggies, proteins and grains which highlight that color. I’ll share nutritional facts, recipes, snack ideas, recommendations on when to introduce to little ones, and more. This project aims to be simple and beautiful, while allowing both us and our little ones to learn new things in the kitchen along the way.  colorsofthemarket03
Most importantly, I want this to be fun! I know it can be overwhelming to change up grocery routines – especially if you’re attempting to feed several little mouths and are already short on time. That is one reason I’ve decided to make this a year long project. We all know that change doesn’t happen overnight. If we take a gradual approach, highlighting one color over a period of time, we may be more likely to find ourselves adding new foods to our weekly grocery list. And to try new things that may otherwise be overlooked! For example, when I was photographing these images, both Remy and I tried persimmon for the first time. I also cooked with eggplant (a gorgeous one might I add) for the first time in almost 5 years! Both were absolutely delicious. If I hadn’t pushed myself to begin this project, I probably would continue to overlook those items I’m more hesitant to try. The Colors of the Market on Maison Everett Blog
By the end of the year, my hope is to have a catalog of beautiful nutrient-dense, real food imagery to use as a resource to teach our children about colors and eating. We teach them their colors anyway, so why not combine the two! I honestly believe there is so much to be gained from bringing more color into our kitchens. “The Colors of the Market” is my small attempt at inspiring all of us to care for ourselves and those that we love. To eat food that nourishes in simplistic, uncomplicated ways. And to enjoy the process along the way. I hope you’ll join along with me in making this a year of more color! xo…*holly The Colors of the Market on Maison Everett Blog

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  1. Kaley

    This is beautiful! I love the project and am excited to follow along!

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