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You may have noticed that I fell off the radar for a bit. I’ve been updating this space and, for the first time, all of my creative pursuits are finally housed under the same roof. It feels just right. If you have a moment, grab your coffee and join me in browsing through everything that lives here now. You can read the full story about the Makings of Maison Everett, where its been and what its become. As a family, we celebrated the launch this morning with our favorite homemade oat bran banana pancakes – though I slightly altered the recipe. ¬†Follow as stated in the link but exchange the oat bran for 1/2 c whole oats, and the whole wheat flour for 1 c instead of just 1/2 c. Greg says these are his favorite yet! Let us know what you think…about the pancakes and this new home that I’m pleased to share with all of you. Enjoy the weekend! xoxo…*holly

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