Wooden Play Kitchens

As you know, we spend a lot of our time at home in the kitchen.  So it may not come as a surprise that I’ve decided to get little R a play kitchen for Christmas this year!  He loves playing with the pots and wooden spoons so it seems like a good time to give him a space of his own to help while I’m cooking.  Here’s a collection of cute wooden play kitchens I’m deciding amongst…

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I think I’ve narrowed it down between the Hape Gourmet (in white) or the Hape Creative Cookery.  I like the natural color options and having one a little smaller because there’s not much free space in our kitchen.  And, of course, I’m excited to choose a few food and prep accessories to help add pops of color to the mix.

Which is your favorite? Do you already have one you love and want to tell us about before we buy?

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  1. Chelsea

    We have the Ikea kitchen (without the microwave hutch piece) and love it! The price is great, and I love the size. It’s nice that it doesn’t take up too much room in our house. My son loves that the stove turns on and off too. And if he leaves it on for awhile, the light will turn off on it’s own so we don’t have to worry about the battery running out. Ikea has great kitchen toys as well. I love that all their pots, pans, etc. look like real ones.

    1. Holly Post author

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing Chelsea. I wish we had an Ikea closer so I could go pick up all the great pieces for his kitchen. May have to look into that:) Enjoy the holidays, *holly.

  2. Marcia Truitt

    I had no idea you were also getting R a kitchen for Christmas, but we had the exact same idea!! Eva got the Hape Creative Kitchen and she loves it. Hope R is enjoying his as well!

    1. Holly Post author

      We got Remy the same one! He is still getting a feel for it…loves taking the sink out and hiding things inside:) Hope Eva loves ‘cooking’ alongside her mama!

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